Intern Spotlight: Patrick Cotnoir

Patrick Cotnoir ’16 is an Information Technology major interning at Liberty Behavioral Management at Conifer Park.

Q: How are you putting your SUNY Cobleskill education to use in your internship?

I’m able to apply my SUNY Cobleskill education during my internship through the use of the technical, problem-solving and IT related skills that I’ve acquired throughout my education. SUNY Cobleskill has taught me the inner workings of IT networking, which has proven useful when dealing with the servers, physical hardware, and IT-related equipment of Liberty Behavioral Management. It has also allowed me the ability to troubleshoot Help Desk issues and ensure the full completion of IT-related tasks.



This internship will help me throughout the rest of my professional and educational career.


Q: How does this internship fit into your educational and career paths?

This internship will help me throughout the rest of my professional and educational career. During the internship, I’ve been learning real-world skills like the ability to troubleshoot Help Desk problems and network-related issues, ensure the proper completion of IT projects and documentation, and establish excellent customer service skills.

In September of this year, I will be taking my COMP TIA A+ exam. This exam will not only provide me with the necessary tools I need to expand my IT-related skills, but will also provide me with a professional certificate, which will open up new career opportunities.

Once I’ve completed my internship at Liberty Behavioral Management, I plan on applying for a full-time position at the company. If hired, I would like to expand both my Help Desk and networking skills.

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