In her vision for a sustainable and increasingly innovative SUNY, Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson outlined four distinct initiatives in her first State of the University System Address. These will be at the foundation of her chancellorship, and include commitments to: doubling research and innovation, individualized education on a State-wide scale, a sustainable SUNY, and investing in the future. SUNY Cobleskill shares Chancellor Johnson’s commitment to these initiatives and embraces the role of each in creating and maintaining a dynamic college environment.

Fulfilling our Vision

SUNY Cobleskill today is a community of learners growing responsibly, sustaining our progress, and renewing the world around us. We continue to honor our founding vision, that “education is the hope of the world.” As the premier educational institution of agriculture and technology we are proudly committed to our identity and to fulfilling that vision.

Honoring Our Mission

SUNY Cobleskill sets the standard for applied education that extends theory into practice. Our holistic approach to education cultivates globally-minded citizens and forges pathways for success. In embracing the goals of our fellow learners, we grow as individuals. In embracing a ‘maker mindset,’ we are designing a brighter, more sustainable future.

Living our Values

Our campus community is characterized by empathy, inclusivity, respect, personal growth, integrity, and a collaborative spirit that fosters well-being and reinforces our values. In our classrooms and beyond, we are driven to support a sustainable and equitable college environment for all.

Achieving Operational Excellence

Gauging what the College needs to function at peak level is a job for all of us. We attain operational excellence by engaging everyone on our campus. SUNY Cobleskill dedicates itself to creating and sustaining a quality work environment. We are excited about our direction and encouraged by the determination of members of our community.

Reinforcing Community Partnerships

SUNY Cobleskill places tremendous value on forming partnerships, proudly fostering connections to benefit human and economic capacity. By enhancing alliances already in place, and entering into new agreements, our students are given increasing opportunities to earn hands-on experience in an ever-broadening range of disciplines. Partnering with businesses, programs, and initiatives – locally, nationally and internationally – reinforces the growth of our College and our students, and promotes positive change with an eye toward the future.


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