Amodeo, Paul A. – Information Technology: Introduction to Programming, Visual Programming, Advanced Java, Web Publication II, Web Programming. Environmental & Energy Technology: Unit Operations & Unit Processes, Pollution Prevention & Remediation

Begany, Grace M. – Web Publishing, Spreadsheets and Databases, Microcomputer Applications

Ferguson, S. Scott – Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Management, Business, Acquisition, Divestiture, Integration, Human Capital Development, Human Resource Management, Coaching and Consulting Management

Gemmiti, Paul J. – Financial and Managerial Accounting, Individual and Corporate Taxation, Personal Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Risk Management Planning, and Retirement Planning

Moran, Charles A. – Financial Planning, Law, Management, Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, Investments, Estate Planning, Risk Management, Retirement Planning, Employee Benefits

Pearl, Katrina M. – Principles of Marketing, Advertising & Promotion

Rooney, Mary M. – Not for Profit Accounting, Income Taxes, Auditing, Cost, Financial and Managerial Accounting

Simpson, Gordon J. – Communications, Management, Human & Customer Relations, Marketing, Retailing, Advertising, Sales, Supervision of Student Teachers & Interns, Real Estate

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