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At SUNY Cobleskill, we believe in hands-on learning and using our resources to empower our neighbors. The Spring 2018 Lifestyle Farming Conference, an intense one-day educational event covering more than two dozen topics in farming and homesteading skills, will be held on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Stay tuned for more information on conference topics.


Anticipated Spring 2018 Courses


Maple Syrup 101
Sap to Syrup Processing
Sugar Bush Management
Maple Candies & Creams

Summer Strawberry Patch
Cultivating Cider & Heirloom Apples
Bush Berries
Orchard Pruning and Grafting

Waking Up The Veggie Garden
Healthy Soil - Happy Plants
Growing With Drip Irrigation & Ag Films
Garden Planning & Seed Starting
Garden Insect & Disease Management

Introduction to Wild Mushrooms
Mushroom Bags Cultivation

Advanced Brewing: Beyond the Kit

Startup Farming
Homestead Site Assessment
Homestead Planning
Farm Financial Management
Farm Marketing for Beginners

Know Your Cuts: Pork & Beef
Whole Hog Breakdown
1/2 Cow Breakdown

Setting an Edge: Knife & Tool Sharpening
Chainsaw 101
Homestead Saw Milling
Operating Small Farm Equipment
Tractor Engine Troubleshooting

Preparing Your Fibers for Use
Fiber Felting

BBQ & Smoking for Beginners
Cheese Making: Beyond the Basics
Culinary Herbs Preservation
Kombucha & Drinking Vinegars
Essential Oils
Sauvé & Lotions

Introduction to Bees & Hives
The Backyard Flock
Meat Rabbits
Keeping Your Beef: Care and Nutrition


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