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Joshua Stiller ’08


Alumni Spotlight: Joshua Stiller

Wildlife Management, Class of ’08
Migratory Game Bird Specialist

Where You'll Find Him Now

My current position is the Migratory Game Bird Specialist and I coordinate the statewide Migratory Game Bird Management Program. I represent New York State as the voting member on the Atlantic Flyway Technical Section and represent the Atlantic Flyway on the Sea Duck Joint Venture. As a regulatory agency, much of my time is spent on policy and regulations for waterfowl conservation, habitat management, hunting, and viewing. In addition to the regulatory aspects of my job, I often work with academic institutions on research projects directly related to the conservation and management of New York’s diverse waterfowl species.

Hands-On Experience

I am a wildlife biologist for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. My area of expertise is Waterfowl Ecology and Management. My interest in waterfowl ecology and management pre-dated my attendance at Cobleskill, however, many classes strengthened my interest in Ornithology and waterfowl. Those classes included Dr. Losito’s Waterfowl Ecology and Management course and Ornithology. As part of the Waterfowl course, the entire class went on a three-day field trip to Upper and Lower Lakes to conduct a field exercise/study. The field experience and subsequent data analysis from Dr. Losito's course were very useful as I continued my education after graduation.

The internship program at Cobleskill was hugely beneficial to me and my professional development. As my required internship, I worked for Delta Waterfowl in North Dakota as a field technician. The opportunity culminated with a four-day research symposium at the famous Delta Marsh.

  The Delta internship put me in contact with numerous graduate professors and graduate students whose experiences I could learn from and build my professional network. I next became an intern at the DEC through the Cobleskill/DEC internship MOU. From there, I earned a job as a Fish and Wildlife Technician in Stamford, which in turn led me to a DEC-funded Master of Science research project at SUNY ESF.

"The field experience and subsequent data analysis from Dr. Losito's course were very useful as I continued my education after graduation."

Goal Set, Goal Met

Last summer I accepted my current position as the statewide Migratory Game Bird Biologist in the NYSDEC Central Office (Albany). My career goal was to earn this position, and thanks to my academic and internship experiences, hard work, luck, and most importantly, timing, I was able to accomplish my ultimate goal that I set when I was in middle school.

Students, Take Note

For students looking for a quality, hands-on experience, Cobleskill provides a great opportunity. It also can prepare you for graduate school if you are proactive and take additional steps to prepare yourself.