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Dr. Darah Wright, ’00

Dr.Darah Wright

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Darah Wright

A.S. in Science, Class of 2000
Family Physician at Bassett Health Care
Director of Primary Care Clerkship, Columbia-Bassett Medical Program
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Where You'll Find Her Now

I am currently a family physician at Bassett Health Care Network. My main location is in Cobleskill but I do cover other offices in the network, such as Sharon Springs. In addition, I am the Director of Primary Care Clerkship for Columbia-Bassett Medical Program and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine for Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. I help design the curriculum, organize the physicians that teach the students in this course, and teach medical students the fundamentals of primary care medicine. I am also part of a group that helped developed a program to teach physician educators how to be more effective teachers.
"I completed a lot of my general science courses at Cobleskill and that really allowed me to hit the ground running academically once I got to Binghamton."

Set for Success

Cobleskill was essential in launching me in the right direction. I participated in a 2+2+4 program. I completed 2 years at SUNY Cobleskill, 2 years at Binghamton University, and then 4 years at Upstate Medical University. I was a guaranteed admission as long as I maintained a certain GPA and completed all of the pre-requisites. It really helped me to know that my path was forged for me.

All of the science professors at Cobleskill were very focused, supportive, and instrumental in my education. I completed a lot of my general science courses at Cobleskill and that really allowed me to hit the ground running academically once I got to Binghamton.
Being in such a supportive environment helped me to learn the importance of time management, a skill that is essential to my profession. While at Cobleskill I played on the volleyball team, swam on the swim team, was a part of the Student Government Association, and was president of Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society for two year college campuses. Now, as a physician, a mom, and an active member of my community, being able to manage my time effectively is a necessary part of my life; I’m glad I learned it while I was at Cobleskill.

I meet with new patients every day and need to be able to converse with them in such a way so that they know that they can trust me and have confidence in my abilities. During my time at Cobleskill, I worked for admissions as a student ambassador. I gave regular tours for perspective students and worked events such as accepted student days and open houses. As an ambassador, I learned how to interact with unfamiliar people on a regular basis. This opportunity helped me to develop the social skills that are essential to my career today. There are times when my job can be physically and emotionally draining, but the relationships I have developed with my patients keep me motivated.

Students, Take Note

My advice would be to find a club and a niche of people that share you values and interests. It will make your experience at SUNY Cobleskill much more meaningful, fun, and rewarding. Take advantage of the personal attention the faculty and staff on campus offer. One of best parts of my educational experience while at SUNY Cobleskill was that my professors were so dedicated to my education and my success. They were available, approachable and happy to help!