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November 7, 2016
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Ronald Dorsett ’16


New Alumni Spotlight: Ronald Dorsett

A.A.S. Child & Family Services, Class of ‘16

Where He's Going

As of May 2016, I have completed my associate's in Child & Family Services. Now that I've finished my first degree—one of many— I plan to attend Buffalo State and pursue my Bachelor in Social Work. SUNY Cobleskill helped me reach this goal by giving me a solid foundation in the field of social work and preparing me for the next step in my education. During my time here, I was helped along the way by many friends, professors, advisors, and staff members at Cobleskill.


At the age of three months, my older sister, Rhonda, and I were adopted due to family altercations. We were raised on the edge of the South Bronx in a very bad neighborhood. I was always involved in clubs and sports growing up, and I decided I wanted to give back to children that are in similar situations as mine.

As soon as I got here, I immediately fell in love with my major – Child and Family Services. I loved that my classes involved real life situations that I might actually face in a professional setting. The professors didn’t give up on any of their students until they felt they understood the subject material. A specific example would be Professor Christain, my English professor, who helped me to expand my writing capabilities while taking her class. I’ll be able to use those skills in my career when I need to write reports for case files. My sociology Professor, Carla Krum, helped me gain a better understanding of society and how it works. This is important knowledge to have in the Child and Family Services field.

Outside of academics, I became more mature from having to live on my own for the first time. My parents weren’t there to tell me to go to sleep or when to eat. I had to motivate myself to do homework, study, and compete. This was a challenge for me at first, but eventually I adjusted. The confidence, maturity, and self-motivation I’ve gained over the past two years will no doubt serve me well in my future education and career.

“I decided I wanted to give back to children that are in similar situations as mine."

Being Involved

Since enrolling at SUNY Cobleskill in fall of 2013, I have taken advantage of the many opportunities to be involved on campus. I've competed for two years on the Men's Cross Country team, made the All-Conference Team, and the Men's Track & Field team. In my few last weeks at SUNY Cobleskill I DJ’ed for the Havelock Society Club "Professor Dunk Tank" event and for the "Fashion Night Out" event with Empire of Change Club. I hope to continue to DJ on the side in the future and am grateful that Cobleskill provided a platform for me to express my interest in music.

Students, Take Note

College in general is different from high school. It is much more of a challenge academically, and living on your own can be difficult at first. We have very good RA's in the resident halls that will make you feel at home. Sports teams and clubs are great to be a part of because the staff members and coaches will keep you on the right track academically.

I am proud to be an alumni of SUNY Cobleskill.