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Dan Welch ’01

Dan Welch

Alumni Spotlight: Dan Welch

A.A.S. Agricultural Science, Class of ‘00
B.T. Agricultural Business, Class of ‘01

Where You'll Find Him Now

I earned my AAS in Agricultural Science in 2000 and my BT in Agricultural Business in 2001. It really gave me a well-rounded perspective because of the experience in both science and technology degree programs.

I am now working at NY Farm Net, which is part of a program at the Dyson School at Cornell University. My title is Business and Succession Planning Coordinator; essentially, it is a free and confidential service that consults with New York State farm families. My job is to assist families in planning their business and transferring farms to the next generation.

Then and Now

From the BT program, I learned skills in my Agricultural Economics and Farm Management that apply directly to what I do now. In the Farm Management class, I had to develop a business plan for a farm, so that experience has come in handy. From the Ag Science program, I was able to sharpen my critical thinking skills which have helped me tremendously in my career. Sometimes classes may seem irrelevant to your major, however, while they may not be directly related to your future career goals, they will serve you in some way. For example, being about to communicate effectively and in a persuasive manner may not seem like it relates to say an agricultural field, but it does.


I was the recipient of the National Association County Agricultural Agents (NACAA)’s achievement award for New York State. It goes to someone with less than ten years of experience who help facilitate cooperative relations between extension and industry partners and working with youth. It was a great honor and I am very excited to see what the future holds.

In terms of mentors at SUNY Cobleskill, Dayton Maxwell always provided me with real world knowledge and technical skills in agricultural business. Another mentor was Mike McCaskey, who was a good example of staying true to ones values while keeping a career and education in mind.
"I was able to sharpen my critical thinking skills which have helped me tremendously in my career. "

Students, Take Note

Cobleskill is very unique, not only for the applied hands on learning, but for its size. Also, there are extensive opportunities to be involved in clubs and activities which help in developing leadership skills. You would be hard pressed to find such a quality education that offers such an intimate learning environment.