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Craig Avery ‘82, a fifth-generation farmer, carries on a legacy at Fort Morrison Farms in MA


Continuing the history of Fort Morrison Farms

Fort Morrison Farms is named after the fort that was built on the property during the French and Indian War fought from 1754 to 1763. All that remains of the fort is a landmark granite boulder with a brief inscription of the fort’s history by a lone flagpole. The main farmhouse was built just yards away from the site where the fort once protected Colrain, MA, which became a town in 1745 and was officially incorporated in 1761.

Native son and fifth generation farmer Craig Avery and his wife Michelle currently reside in the farmhouse. Despite high wind warnings by the National Weather Service, with gusts blowing up to 65 miles per hour from the afternoon through early evening of Feb. 25, like all farmers, Avery needed to venture out to feed his cattle. Plastic tarps held down by tires that covered manure piles snapped like ship sails and snow whirled around in funnels like tiny tornadoes.

Avery raises 50 head of beef cattle for a marketer who sells the beef to restaurants in Boston. They are raised mainly on pasture or on baleage with some grain. While not solely grass-fed at the moment, he is considering moving toward a grass-fed label. They receive their minerals through a salt block and grain.

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