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Research endowments and gifts that fund top-quality equipment are of critical importance to our students. Endowments enable students to pursue their passions in the classroom and beyond; the opportunity to learn with new and improved equipment simplifies this pursuit. Designate your gift to support student learning and research, or fund equipment directly to benefit students today and in the future.

Current Equipment Endowments

  • Douglas Alvarez Soccer Equipment Endowment
    To help fund the equipment needs of the men’s soccer team
  • John and Marsha Foster Research Grant Endowment
    To fund grant proposals written and submitted by Fisheries & Aquaculture students. Faculty and staff will review proposals and allocate funding based on the merit of the research and other outlined criteria.
  • Goblet Family Fisheries and Wildlife Equipment Endowment
    To support equipment for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department.
  • Dr. Stephen Mackenzie Canine Equipment Endowment
    To purchase equipment that will support SUNY Cobleskill's Canine program
  • Pat and Carolyn Tucker Fisheries and Wildlife Equipment Endowment
    The Tucker Family Endowment in Wildlife Management Research Technology memorializes the importance and value of wildlife, handed down from a father to a son. The family hunted, fished, and enjoyed the forests, rivers, and fields in upstate NY. These experiences with wildlife resonated with their son, a 1979 SUNY Cobleskill graduate with a 30+ year career in wildlife management. Given their son's exposure to field technology at SUNY Cobleskill and the rapid advancements in wildlife management that have occurred in the last 40 years, the Tucker Family Endowment is established to assist the Department and students by providing current technology for applied science in fish and wildlife research. This endowment is designed to provide instructors and/or students with up-to-date technological equipment, analytics, etc... It may also provide access or exposure to off-site technology at other organizations.

    Applied, student-centered management research is the hallmark of the educational mission of the Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Science at SUNY Cobleskill. Future wildlife leaders who are exposed to, understand, and encourage the use of modern, ever-changing technology are critical to ensuring the well-being of healthy and diverse wildlife populations with an expanding human population.
  • The Harry Worthington Equipment and Technology Endowment for Dairy or Beef Science
    The Endowment will support updated equipment and technology needs that support classes in Dairy and/or Beef Science.

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