In 2016-2017, SUNY Cobleskill drafted new vision and mission statements that link our 100-year founding principles to our design for the future. In that same year, the college community implemented our Strategic Plan, with its one goal: To Sustain a Thriving and Effective College. This annual report chronicles our capacity to continue the transformation of our two-year-old vision into action.

Our vision statement reads, “As the premier educational institution of agriculture and technology, SUNY Cobleskill calls all learners to grow, to sustain and to renew the world and its citizens.”

This vision engenders an intrinsic sense of efficacy as we strive to create an atmosphere that inspires all of us to be learners. In this effort to be a learning organization, we have identified eight objectives. Each year, we select three of the eight identified objectives that articulate our vision and mission. In 2018-2019, we chose

Maximizing learner access, progression and success

Determining and implementing a contemporary institutional structure

Achieving fiscal and operational sustainability

Noted below is the evidence of our scope of work as contained in the Strategic Plan Dashboard. Additional evidence is provided in the Highlights for 2018-19.

A further explication of the strategic planning process is SUNY Cobleskill’s alignment with Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson’s four main themes: innovation and entrepreneurship, individualized education, sustainability, and partnerships. As shown, these efforts fully mesh with SUNY’s goals, demonstrating how we harness the power of SUNY.

In the year ahead, we will continue to focus on learner access and fiscal sustainability and to shift our focus from implementing a contemporary institutional structure to fostering effective partnerships that will have an impact on economic and human capacity within and beyond our local community


Marion A. Terenzio, PhD
President of SUNY Cobleskill

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Highlights for 2018-19

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