Animal Science

Dunn, Lynn –  Light Horse Management, Equine/Companion Animal Nutrition, Animal Science Field Studies, Advanced Equine Reproduction, Equine Exercise Physiology, Special Projects

Mackenzie, Stephen – Canine Training, Tackless Training, Applied Tackless Training, Care & Training of Working Dog

Shelley, Cynthia A. – Introduction to Animal Science, Animal Science Techniques II, Livestock Production, Evaluation & Marketing, Sheep & Goat Production & Marketing

Thompson, David – Managing Multicultural Work Forces in Agriculture, Animal Reproduction, Bovine Hoof Care & Maintenance, Applied Bovine Reproduction

Tisch, David A. – Animal Nutrition, Ration Evaluation, Ration Formulation Software

Tommell, Nicole L. – Equine Farm Management, Animal Science Techniques I, Agricultural Business Management, Agricultural Education Community Leadership, Animal Health

Whelihan, Raymond D. – Equine Business Management, Forward Riding Progression, Hunter Seat Equitation, Introduction to Equine Training, Equine Breed/Breed Farm Management, Introduction to Riding Instruction