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Kurt Eugene Verderber


Title: Professor of Mathematics
Department: Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Office Location: Fribie 203
Office Phone: 255 – 5357
Office Hours: As posted on my door

Areas of Expertise: Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Computer-Based Learning, Online and Hybrid modalities

Courses Taught:
Math 101 – Intro to College Algebra
Math 111 – College Algebra
Math 112 – College Algebra & Trigonometry
Math 131 – Pre-calculus
Math 225 – Statistical Methods
Math 229 – Linear Algebra
Math 231 – Calculus I
Math 232 – Calculus II
Math 233 – Calculus III
Math 310 – Differential Equations

About Kurt: As a US Army Lieutenant in the early 90’s, I served as Platoon Leader and Battalion Intelligence Officer for the 32nd Signal Battalion in Germany. I attended the US Army Signal Officer Basic Course in Ft. Gordon, Ga., and Airborne School in Ft. Benning, Ga.
I am a former Electrical Engineer and primarily worked for the Naval Nuclear Reactor Program as a lead engineer designing submarine reactor plant control panels.
Currently, I participate with NYSMATYC, AMATYC, and MAA.
I have presented various workshops on hybrid and alternative learning strategies.
I am very interested in alternative building styles, including straw bale and cordwood construction.

In the News: I was interviewed in the Times Journal and the Daily Gazette for building a Straw Bale House on my property in Sharon Springs. The segment also aired on Channel 6 News.

Curriculum Vitae:

• MA, Mathematics Education. University at Albany, 2002

• MA, Mathematics. University at Albany, 1999

• BS, Electrical Engineering. Clarkson University, 1991

• Completed 18 credits toward MS in Electrical Engineering, Union University.
• Completed 30 credits toward Ph.D. in Educational Theory and Practice, University at Albany.

• Professor of Mathematics, SUNY Cobleskill (8/99 – present)
Principal Responsibilities: Teach mathematics courses, develop online math courses and curricula, advise students, participate in campus and departmental governance and committees and task forces, continue pursuing professional development activities, establish links to local high schools.

• Mathematics Instructor/Facilitator, University of Phoenix, Online (6/02 – present)
Principal Responsibilities: Develop course curricula, lectures, and assessments, and facilitate online math classes.

• Project Engineer, Westinghouse Electric Corp. (9/94 – 6/98)
Principal Responsibilities: Oversee many aspects of designing equipment for Naval Nuclear Reactors. This includes the design and development of specifications, negotiating contracts, monitoring manufacturing and testing progress, participating in shipboard installation and testing, and designing field modifications for equipment enhancement.

• SUNY Cobleskill
Courses Taught: Introduction to College Algebra, College Algebra, Statistics, Statistical Methods, Linear Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus I, II, and III, Differential Equations, Engineering Mechanics.

• University of Phoenix, Online
Courses Taught: Introduction to College Algebra, Elementary Algebra, College Algebra, Business Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus I and II.

• University at Albany
Courses Taught: Calculus I and II.

• Teaching Modalities
Traditional lecture, Hybrid, Online, and Distance Learning courses.

• Completed the Online Teaching Academy offered by SUNY Cobleskill’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, 2012

• Recognized for Advanced Facilitator Certification in Online course delivery by the University of Phoenix (Online), 2011

• Acted as Subject Matter Expert for a university-wide redesign of Linear Algebra at the University of Phoenix (Online), 2010

• Awarded Continuing Appointment and promotion to the rank of Professor at SUNY Cobleskill, 2006


Verderber, K. Real-World Algebra: A Unique and Understandable Approach to Functions and Modeling. Charleston: Hawkes Learning Systems/Quandt Systems, 2010.

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Verderber, K. (2006, April). Hybrid Course Development and Implementation. NYSMATYC Regional Meeting. Presentation given at Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY.

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Verderber, K. (2001, June). Computer-Intensive Statistics Homework Problems. Chautauqua Course. Presentation given at Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN.

Verderber, K. (2001, May). Different Fields of Study and Occupations in Engineering. SUNY Cobleskill Open House. Presentation given at SUNY Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY.

Verderber, K. (2000, April). Strawbale Construction and Alternative Energy. SUNY Cobleskill Lecture Series. Presentation given at SUNY Cobleskill, Cobleskill, NY.
• Co-chairperson, Academic Personnel Policies Committee (9/10 – present)
• Chairperson, Curriculum Committee (9/05 – 9/07)
• Member, Academic Policies Committee (9/08 – 9/10)
• Member, Online Learning Task Force (9/12 – present)
• Member, Student Judiciary Board (9/01 – 9/03)

• Church Elder, Calvary Assembly of God, Cobleskill, NY (1/09 – present)
• Worship Leader/Musician, Calvary Assembly of God, Cobleskill, NY (4/03 – present)
• Church Deacon, Calvary Assembly of God, Cobleskill, NY (4/06 – 9/08)
• Little League Board Member, Sharon Springs Empie Little League, Sharon Springs, NY (4/99 – 6/01)
• Youth Planning Board Member, Sharon Springs Joint Youth Commission, Sharon Springs, NY (4/99 – 6/01)