Maureen A. Maillard

Additional Title: Executive Director
Child Care Center
Office Location: Child Care Center
Office Phone: 518-255-5854

Areas of expertise: Early Childhood Education, Management

Courses Taught: Occasionally speak at Early Childhood classes

About Maureen:  Maureen was a pre-school teacher and for thirteen years and has been in the Early Childhood Field for over twenty years. She started as the Executive Director in January 2010 and has two boys that are five and nine years old. Prior to working at the CCCCC, Maureen worked at a child care centers in Rutland, Vermont, a Center for IBM in Beaverton Oregon and was Director of a children’s program in Boston. She is originally from this area.


Curriculum Vitae: Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education

137 thoughts on “Maureen A. Maillard

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