The Premier In-Season
Grazing Conference

Health & Resiliency from Soil to Table

Thursday - Saturday, July 25 -27
at SUNY Cobleskill

Save the date! This conference features both regional and national speakers, including special guest Dr. Elaine Ingham, microbiologist and soil biology researcher, as well as workshops, hands-on learning at the college farm, and local farm tours.

Hosted by SUNY Cobleskill, in cooperation with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), 
Cornell University Cooperative Extension, the New York Grazing Coalition, and Soil and Water Conservation.

Are you a currently/recently enrolled student between the ages of 13 and 25? Are you interested in attending this year’s conference? We are offering scholarship opportunities designed to support you.

Submit a half-page or one-page document explaining how Grasstravaganza benefits you and your learning by July 1 to become eligible to receive a scholarship. This award can be put towards your student tuition ($99 for Fri-Sat, plus $25 for Thu.).

 Email your submission to Dr. Andrew Gasho Landis at, or submit with your paper registration. Applicants will not be asked to submit payment at time of scholarship submission. Lodging is not included. Please be advised: All individuals under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the SUNY Cobleskill campus.


Registration for this event closes July 12, register today!

Industry Experts

Learn about the latest trends and hear expert advice at the region’s only in-season grazing conference.

Local Farm Tours

Extend theory into practice on-site at area farms. Guests choose their focus from beef, dairy, or multi-species tour options.

Hands-On Workshops

Learn by doing, with the tutelage of our experts in subject areas ranging from modern technology to ruminant nutrition.

Conference Highlights

Thursday, July 25

Opening Reception

Welcome Dinner

“Stand Up For What You Stand For”

Jessica Ziehm, Taste NY,
Washington County CCE

Friday, July 26

Keynote: “The Soil Food Web”

Dr. Elaine Ingham

Tradeshow with Demos

Workshop Tracks

Choose from Fundamentals,
Experienced, or General

Farm Tours

with Learning Stations

“Success Stories from
Around the World”

Dr. Elaine Ingham

Saturday, July 27

Workshop Tracks

Choose from Fundamentals,
Experienced, or General

Tradeshow with Demos

“Improving Pasture Soils with Management and Impact”

Victor Shelton

Farmer Panel on
Pasture Soil Health

Farm Tours

Choose from Dairy, Beef,
or Multi-Species Tour

Registration Options

Full Package

Thursday – Saturday

$165 or
$265 with Lodging

Main Package

Friday & Saturday

$120 or
$190 with Lodging

One-Day Package

Friday Only


Saturday Only


Vendor or Sponsorship

Gain exposure for your products, organization, or company at the conference.

Conference price includes all meals. Choose to add lodging to your registration to stay on campus at SUNY Cobleskill. 

Meet Our Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Elaine Ingham


Behind Dr. Ingham’s user-friendly approach to soil biology lies a wealth of knowledge gained from four decades of research on the organisms that make up the soil food web. Her goal, to translate this knowledge into actions ensuring a healthy food web, promote plant growth, and reduce inorganic chemical reliance, complements her pioneering vision for sustainable farming – in which we improve yields, cut input costs, and regenerate our ecosystems by repairing our soils. Widely recognized as the world’s foremost soil biologist, Dr. Ingham brings four decades of research experience to Grasstravaganza 2019; her areas of expertise include, among others, the ecological functions of living soils, the elimination of soil erosion, and the need for chemical inputs.

Jessica Ziehm

Jessica Ziehm

Taste New York Ag Marketing Educator

In her position with CCE of Washington County, Jessica Ziehm connects farmers and food processors in more than five counties with the Taste NY program, assisting with product and marketing development. She previously served as executive director of the New York Animal Agricultural Coalition (NYAAC), as spokesperson for New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, and with New York Farm Bureau. Ziehm, a fourth-generation farmer, lives with her family on their dairy farm, for which she coordinates social media, tours, and product marketing.

Victor Shelton

Victor Shelton

State Agronomist and Grazing Specialist USDA-NRCS in Indiana

Victor Shelton has more than three decades of experience with the USDA-NRCS, and is based in his native Indiana. The Purdue University graduate’s diverse agriculture portfolio includes raising corn, soybean, wheat, and legume hay crops, as well as a registered Katahdin sheep flock, registered Shorthorn cattle, and grass-fed beef cattle. He has consulted on projects on three continents, and authors the monthly “Grazing Bites” publication, hosted on multiple sites. In addition to his current position, he provides technical assistance with vegetative practices and grazing systems, and maintains an interest in low-input grazing systems and soil health.



The Nuts and Bolts of Grazing Management

Greenbacks from Green Grass for Dairy – Grazing for Lower Feed Costs

Optimizing Pasture and Hay Quality for Beef Profitability

Understanding Small Ruminant Nutrition


Turning Grass and Hay into Nutritious Beef

Maximizing Small Ruminant Performance through Quality Forages

Grass-Fed Carcass Quality: Maximizing the Eating Experience

Determining Values and Marketing Opportunities of Grass-Fed Meat

Next Level in Grazing Dairy – Feeding Recipe for Success


Modern Technology for the Grass Farm: Drones to Cell Phones

Cost Components and Savings of Grazing Dairy and Beef Cattle

Farm Tours

Local Farms

Sweet Tree Farm
Carlisle, NY

Sap Bush Hollow Farm
West Fulton, NY

Black Willow Pond Farm
Cobleskill, NY

SUNY Cobleskill Farm
Cobleskill/Warnerville, NY

Tafel Farm
Laurens, NY

Learning Stations​

Seeing the Soil Food Web is Understanding

Reseeding vs. Rejuvenating Pastures

Knowing your Pasture Grasses & Legumes

Soil Compaction: Pasture/Field Management & Soil Health

Using Animal Stress Points to Handle Cattle Safely & Humanely

Understanding Small Ruminant Instincts for Ease of Handling

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