Real Life, Still Learning

As you prepare for a fall semester that comes with a lot of changes and unknowns, we want to give you assurance that at least one thing remains the same – our dedication to providing you a hands-on learning experience.

The SUNY Cobleskill community remains resilient, working on new ways to bring the same applied education to you regardless of whether your classes are being held in-person and virtually. We will do everything in our power to keep that experience as safe, fulfilling, and engaging as ever.

Think about it this way – industries and jobs around the world have had to figure out, quickly, how to adjust to make their businesses function in a new reality. By jumping head-first into your education you, too, are learning to adapt. You’ll come out stronger and more prepared for a career in an ever-changing world.


All of our support services are still being offered virtually and are even more accessible than before! Click on one of the support pages below for contact information or to start a live chat with a staff member

Real Community, Still Engaged