Spring 2021: We’ve Got This

An Address from Student Government President Micheal Lee-Edwards

My fellow Coby Students,

Welcome to Spring Semester. I am Micheal Lee-Edwards, and it’s my honor to serve as your Student Government President.

We are heading into one of the most significant semesters in our College’s history, and we have the power to decide the course SUNY Cobleskill takes in 2021.

We will forever remember this time in our lives. Yes, because of the disruption it’s caused to our way of living, but more than that, we will remember it because we got through it.  

We were apart, but we got through it together.

Each of us will say that we made the sacrifices necessary to preserve what we love: the health of our families, the joys of our friendships, and the college experience for our class and those who come after us.

Let’s say that we didn’t just wait for things to get better. We did what we could, in every moment, to help things change.

This is a defining moment for our generation. It has made leaders out of every one of us. The simple acts of social distancing and wearing masks makes us leaders in ending this pandemic.

Let’s take our leadership and sense of responsibility into this semester. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again.

I ask that each of you hold every other member of our campus accountable. We must lead by example because we cannot afford to be bystanders right now.

With hope and with trust in one another, we can say: We’ve got this.