SUNY-Cobleskill's Center for Environmental Science and Technology now features a new ChargePoint station for electric vehicles.

Car Need A Charge? Stop at SUNY Cobleskill’s Charging Station

electric charging stationIf you’re driving your electric vehicle along Interstate Route 88 in New York State and you’re looking for a charge, add SUNY Cobleskill’s location to your GPS, because the College is one of a network of ChargePoint charging stations.  Funded by the campus and a grant from National Grid, the charging station unit, located near the Center for Environmental Science and Technology (CEST) building on the north side of Route 7, offers plug-in charging for electric vehicles, and accepts payment by ChargePass cards, contactless credit cards, and MIFARE-based transportation cards.

A sign on the unit provides a phone number which, when called, remotely allows the unit to begin charging. Alternatively, a card to activate the unit is available at the CEST reception desk. Once a driver is authorized by the unit and the EV connector is properly inserted, power is delivered to the vehicle.
According to Vice President for Operations Bonnie Martin, “SUNY Cobleskill is pleased to offer this resource to the public as part of its commitment to environmental stewardship and promoting alternative energy sources.”

For more information about using the SUNY Cobleskill charging station contact the Facilities Management Office at 518-255-5228.

For information on the ChargePoint network and to locate other stations around the country, go to .