Successful First Time Internship Experience for Applied Psychology Fall 2013 Graduate

by Julia Puciato

Applied Psychology graduate Christina Ilowieki was the first intern for the new Bachelor of Science Applied Psychology Program. Ilowieki recently gave a presentation on her applied internship experience in which she expressed her interest and passion for veterans services. Her Intern Supervisor Mrs. Mannarino also spoke. “The presentation was very moving and inspiring, it almost brought the room to tears,” said Kathleen Puciato, Chair of the Department.

Ilowieki has developed a strong relationship with her professors and mentors Amy Corbett and Angelika Hoeher. “They’ve really helped me decide on what I want to do and how I can get there,” Ilowieki said, adding that they provide the tools necessary to help students find out what their true passions are and why. Through the guidance of her mentors she was able to develop her own passion, working with veterans.

Ilowieki chose to complete her internship experience at Patriot Hills of New York, a non-profit organization created to demonstrate their appreciation to the men and women who courageously serve our military. Their goal is to provide direct and effective support to returning veterans and their families. In a customized facility they provide necessary services to enable veterans to reconnect, transition, reintegrate and receive therapeutic healing. Ilowieki knew this was the place for her after speaking with President and Founder of Project Patriot Hills, Jeannine M. Mannarino.

“Mrs. Mannarino is very passionate about veteran services and is a veteran herself as a retired US Army Master Sergeant” Ilowieki said. “They have given so much for our country it’s time for us to give back to them.” For further information on this facility click here to visit their website.

After graduating from SUNY Cobleskill in Fall 2013, Ilowieki began training for the US Army as an officer. Once she obtains her title as an officer she plans to apply for grad school in Neural Psychology. Her internship experience has exposed her to clinical psychology work which has encouraged her to continue to do hands-on work to further assist and support veterans.

About the Applied Psychology Program

The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology at SUNY Cobleskill is a select program, one of only a few in NYS, that will educate students on theoretical psychology and research, and provide them with direct applied experience through 15 credits of internship placement that is integrated into the program. This allows students to get a real hands-on experience in applying theoretical and practical knowledge to solving problems for business/industry and or social and community problems. For more program details click here.

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