Prominent EMS Couple Phil and Joyce Muleedy Create $10,000 Endowment for Paramedic Program

The leading couple in paramedic and emergency medical services in the Adirondack-Appalachian region, Phil and Joyce Muleedy, recently established a $10,000 Endowment in support of the paramedic program at SUNY Cobleskill.  Establishment of this endowment provides an opportunity for others to add their own funds to help underwrite the efforts of the paramedic program, which prepares students to become competent entry-level paramedics, offers a strong foundation in anatomy, physiology and biology, and gives students the foundation to become eligible to take the New York State Paramedic exam.  The Program also works with local EMS communities, and recently hosted its first annual Winter Symposium to deliver high-quality continuing education at a reasonable cost in support of the needs of these local EMS providers.

For more than 40 years, the Muleedys have been recognized as the principal leaders of the six-county Adirondack-Appalachian Regional Emergency Medical Services (AAREMS). Having moved to the community in the late 1960s, Phil obtained paramedic certification and has maintained it ever since.  Joyce, who is a Registered Nurse, taught one of the first paramedic courses in the region and obtained her own paramedic certification in 1972.  Together, they have become icons of the ambulance corps and larger EMS community, after having served as volunteers with Speculator Ambulance for the past 43 years. Phil’s role for more than 40 years as Executive Director of AAREMS and Joyce’s role as Training and Education Coordinator for more than 35 years have established them as frontrunners and mentors for the AAREMS community.

“We are deeply honored that two regional EMS legends like Phil and Joyce have chosen to support our Paramedic Simulation Center through this endowment,”  said Howard Huth,   “This endowment will provide necessary funds to assist the Paramedic Program in maintaining and operating our high-fidelity simulation mannequins for our EMT, AEMT and Paramedic courses. The mannequins allow us to provide a life-like experiential learning environment as our students prepare for a successful career in EMS.”

Those who would like to show their support of the Paramedic Program by joining with the Muleedys in funding this endowment may contact Lois Goblet, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement, by calling 518-255-5524 or by emailing her at