Richard A. Ball to Speak at President’s Roundtable Breakfast

Richard A. Ball, owner and operator of Schoharie Valley Farms and NYS Acting Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets will join Debra H. Thatcher, PH.D., Acting President, for a President’s Roundtable Breakfast in the Bouck Ballroom on campus Wednesday, April 2, 2014, at 7:30 am. An invitation-only audience comprised of representatives of local government and the business community, along with media and other constituencies of the College will attend the morning’s roundtable conversation.  Immediately following the breakfast, Commissioner Ball will attend a demonstration of the College’s gasifier technology at the Center for Environmental Science and Technology.

Richard A. Ball is currently serving as acting commissioner of Agriculture and Markets for the state of New York. Bestowed upon him from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mr. Ball’s nomination is following his several years of dedication to serving the community of Schoharie County through his owned and operated 200-acre Schoharie-Valley Farms, which produces a wide range of vegetable crops, small fruits and greenhouse crops. Mr. Ball’s farm, likely best known as the home of “The Carrot Barn, which, in serving retail and wholesale consumers as well as shipping to brokers and restaurants locally and in New York City, has become a true testament to the pivotal role local upstate farms have within the New York City area.

His extensive experience and leadership in a number of positions within agriculture and community organizations at the local, state, and national level include: Vice  President of the New York State Vegetable Grower’s Association, Chairman of Labor Committee for the New York State Farm Bureau and Chairman of Schoharie Recovery, Inc., among many other positions. Mr. Ball has much insight to offer for local farmers, businesses, and government officials on the priorities and needs of the agricultural and economic development in the state and in our region.

The President’s Roundtable Breakfast is sponsored by Kelly Farm and Garden, Brown’s Feed Inc., Farm Credit East, and Oakwells: The Traveler’s Newsstand.