Ash, first foal born at SUNY Cobleskill in Spring 2014

SUNY Cobleskill Welcomes First Spring 2014 Foal

photo and story by Julia Puciato

As part of the Animal Science and Equine Studies Degrees, reproduction classes are offered to educate students in the breeding process. Students participate in hands-on work that prepares them for the animal industry and breeding is an important aspect. The College’s herd and breeding facilities are equipped to help the students gain hands-on experience in the use of techniques commonly used on the breeding farm.

The first foal born at the College’s equine center this spring is “Ash,” a quarter horse, who arrived early in the morning on March 5, Ash Wednesday. More foals are expected to arrive throughout the spring.

Equine majors, both A.A.S and B.T are required to take Equine Breeding and Breeding Management, which covers the anatomy and physiology of the mare and stallion as well as the practical application of this information to today’s breeding farm. Daily management of mares, foals, stallions and young stock, including farm design for efficient and productive management is also covered.

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