Award-Winning Agricultural Students Represent SUNY Cobleskill and NYS in National Postsecondary (PAS) Conference

SUNY Cobleskill is very pleased to announce that the following students represented the College and New York State at the National Postsecondary Students (PAS) Conference held in St. Cloud Minnesota, March 11-15. Every student from Cobleskill returned with a National Plaque recognizing their outstanding achievement. Thank you to those of you who have supported the development of these future Agricultural Leaders.

Career Progress
Agribusiness Management – Kate Ewer – 1st Place National Winner
Animal Systems – Non-Ruminant – Kassandra Hetherly – 2nd Place
Agricultural Equipment – Nicholas Failla – 2nd Place
Agricultural Equipment – Austin Witmer – 4th Place

Career Planning
Animal Systems – Ruminant – Kassandra Hetherly – 2nd place

Employment Interview Contest
Animal Health – Sara Huttenmaier – 2nd Place
Agribusiness Management – Kate Ewer – 3rd Place
Agricultural Equipment – Austin Witmer – 2nd Place
Agricultural Equipment – Nicholas Failla – 4th Place
Livestock Production – Kassandra Hetherly – 4th Place

Livestock Specialist Award – Sheep Team – 3rd Place Team
Kate Ewer – 6th Place Individual
Rachel Lee – 7th Place Individual
Kassandra Hetherly – 8th Place Individual

Agricultural Machinery Service Technician – 4th Place Team
Nicholas Failla – 4th place individual

Impromptu Speaking – Sara Huttenmaier – 5th Place


More News

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Through a grant received by @crcsdistrict, middle school students took part in a week-long “Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment” course, learning the basics of operating and repairing heavy farm equipment under the instruction of our Ag Engineering dept.
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