Student’s efforts earn Red Cross scholarship


The Daily Star

April 30, 2014

trong leadership that helped maintain a college blood drive’s success has earned a SUNY Cobleskill
student a scholarship.

On April 24, junior Kia Lamica was presented the American Red Cross Scholarship, for $2,000, by an agency official. She was not available for comment Tuesday Lamica, an animal science major who is the Student Government Association president at the State University College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill, had an instrumental role in giving the college the highest percentage for blood donations within the entire SUNY system for the 2013-14 academic year, according to a college media release.

This marks the seventh year in a row a SUNY Cobleskill student has received the Red Cross Scholarship given for that achievement. It traditionally has been awarded to the student government president because the organization sponsors the drive. “Kia provided strong leadership for our efforts,” SUNY Cobleskill director of student life center, Jeff Foote, said. “In my opinion, she raised the bar to a new level in terms of SGA membership participation and overall awareness. We are all proud of Kia for her leadership role this year.” During the four drives the held this school year, Cobleskill students have donated 518 units, or pints. The last drive was held April 8, Foote said.

American Red Cross account manager Steve Leary said SUNY Cobleskill has done “a great job for years” and continues to have the highest participation rate, among the SUNY schools. Historically this is about 22 percent, with the closest competitor having 14 percent.

People can donate a pint of blood every 56 days, he said. Each pint can be used to help three people. Leary said his region runs up to 10 blood drives a day, with the average collected being 33 units. But when he works with Cobleskill, he said, the average is 129 units a drive.

“They have developed a culture of giving,” under Foote’s direction, he said, and this year Lamica has done “a great job” in keeping that tradition going.