Establishment of Start-UP NY Businesses to Advance Schoharie County Economy

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced seventeen additional companies will join the Start-UP NY program, three of which are poised to significantly boost the local economy in Schoharie County. Providing copious employment opportunities, Echelon Materials, LLC, Royal Meadery, and Blenheim Pharmacal, Inc. (BPI Inc.) are projected to create 74 new job positions in Schoharie County. Partnering with the State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill (SUNY Cobleskill), these three businesses will engage the College’s advanced facilities, development resources and experts in key industries.

Echelon Materials, LLC, will manufacture a high performance textile product (TiTek) developed through its research efforts. The fabric is expected to have widespread applications within the ballistic armoring industry and will locate to the former Guilford Mills textile manufacturing facility. The company will partner with SUNY Cobleskill faculty of science and mathematics, agricultural business management, and plant and animal sciences to work with students and projects focused on sophisticated armor textile product development. The company is committing to create 49 new jobs and invest an initial $5.235 million, with plans to eventually invest nearly $28 million.

Royal Meadery is an existing, formative stage business that focuses on producing honey wine, known as mead, in small batches. Using all New York State ingredients, Royal Meadery will produce small amounts of handcrafted mead to sell at wine stores and restaurants. Greg Wilhelm, business owner and SUNY Cobleskill alumnus, will be relocating Royal Meadery to a vacant manufacturing warehouse in Richmondville near the SUNY Cobleskill Auxiliary Services in Schoharie County. The partnership with SUNY Cobleskill will involve student internships. Royal Meadery is committing to create seven new jobs and invest $225,000.

Blenheim Pharmacal, Inc. (BPI, Inc.) is an existing New York State contract packager of prescription legend drugs, antibiotics and controlled substances into unit-of-use bottles and blisters. The company also provides private labeling and custom packaging services, as well as solid dose antibiotic packaging and repackaging in separately controlled facilities. The company will continue to operate its North Blenheim facility and expand operations into a currently vacant building, the former Maranatha Family Center, in Richmondville. BPI, Inc. will partner with SUNY Cobleskill to create internships for students in several of the college’s programs and provide post-graduation employment opportunities at the company. It is committing to create 18 new jobs and will invest $4.5 million.

A bright future ahead for Schoharie County’s economic landscape – marrying the innovated, talented business owners and New York State workforce with the exceptional faculty, staff and students at SUNY Cobleskill will enhance workforce experience, job prospects, and research opportunities for all in the years to come.