Campus Earth Day YouTube Video Contest Winners Announced

Environmental awareness meets abounding creativity as SUNY Cobleskill students participate in the College’s Campus Earth Day YouTube Video Contest. A call to those passionate about protecting our planet, student participants were asked to create a YouTube video that conveys a practical way we can care for our environment, including recycling, reusing, and making different purchasing decisions. Considering message, quality of video production and creativity, five videos were selected by judges as the winners. Cash prizes were presented to the film producers on May 5, 2015 in Julie Casper Roth’s class. Their winning submissions can be viewed on the Sustainability Resources gallery on the college website or separately below.

First Place:

Victor – Produced by Victor Igbokwe. View here.

Rose – Co-Produced by Alex Rose, Carter McDermott and Shania Marotta. View here.

Second Place:

Dalia – Co-Produced by Karin Gaballa and Kyesha Hinds. View here.

Megan – Produced by Megan Trigg. View here.

Runners Up:

Briana – Co-Produced by Briana Houston and Scott Davis. View here.

Alec – Produced by Alec Saisettha. View here.

Student submissions for the Campus Earth Day YouTube Video contest were judged by the Sustainability Advisory Board, listed below.

Grace Armah-Agyeman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Animal & Plant Science

Joe Batchelder, Director of Facilities

Syd Bloom, Residence Hall Director

Dr. Mark Braun, Professor, Liberal Studies

Andrew Gascho-Landis, Assistant Professor Fish and Wildlife

Carmen Greenwood, Assistant Professor Fish and Wildlife

Jim Hardin, Visiting Instructor

Jan Herrick, Environmental Health & Safety Officer

Tim Marten, Assistant Professor, Animal & Plant Science

Tom Poltynski, Farm Coordinator

Anne Rogan, PhD, RD, Professor

Rob Rynk, PhD, Professor, Center for Environmental Science & Technology

Jay Wood, CAS