Beyond the Basics: Become a Master Food Preserver with a Comprehensive Workshop at SUNY Cobleskill

SUNY Cobleskill will be offering a comprehensive three day hands-on training workshop preparing students to become master food preservationists on July 21, 22, and 23, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the SUNY Cobleskill Culinary Arts Lab, in Cobleskill. Go beyond the basics of home food preservation with the possibility of becoming a Master Food Preserver (MFP) – learning how to best preserve your own harvest or your purchased fruits, vegetables and meats from locally owned farms.

As a student of this MFP course, you will receive an extensive education in food preservation with ample opportunities for hands-on learning. Learn how to: properly preserve in both a boiling water bath canner and a pressure canner, make pickled and gelled products, freeze food for maximum quality, and dry food at home. Where to find research-based home food preservation sources of information will be covered. Upon successful attendance of all three days of the workshop and the passing of the 60 question exam, you will have completed the first step to becoming certified as a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Food Preserver.

Cornell Cooperative Extension Home Food Preservation Experts and developers of the Master Food Preserver Manual and educational program, Katherine Humphrey and Judy Price, will be on hand to demonstrate safe food practices. Katherine Humphrey served as a full-time Cooperative Extension educator from 1969 through 1991. Judy L. Price served as a full time Cooperative Extension educator from 1983 through 2002. Following the launch of the program in 2004, more than 450 individuals have participated at several locations throughout New York State.
The cost of this three day workshop is $375.00. This cost includes a 265 page handbook and lunch each day. Attendees will receive food samples prepared during the workshop. For more information and to register, contact The Office of Professional and Continuing Education, at or call 518-255-5528 today!