Students Attend 2015 Big East Youth and Jackpot Cattle Show

The SUNY Cobleskill American Animal Producers Club (AAPC) participated in the Big East Youth and Jackpot Cattle Show, held at the Big E Fairgrounds in Springfield Massachusetts, from May 1 to 3, 2015. The largest cattle show in the Northeast, AAPC student members Megan Anderson, Jared Brush, Madison Mckenna, Melissa Pickney, John Wasson and Zach Zimmerman, traveled with club advisor Dirk Schubert, Instructional Support Assistant at the College Farm and AAPC advisor, to partake in this three-day event.

In preparation for the show, AAPC members worked diligently – halter breaking and clipping cattle – to ensure the animals were ready for the event. Once at the Big East Youth and Jackpot Cattle Show, students fit the cattle for show, completing tasks such as making the cattle’s legs look larger, belling the tails of the cattle and pulling the hair on their tail heads.

Student team members of the AAPC participated in the weekend’s various showmanship events, including the Youth Showmanship Competition, Jackpot Show and the Youth Heifer and Steer Show.

“I was extremely happy with how professional our students were before and at the Big East. I received a number of positive complements from other exhibitors about how professional our students looked, how good they worked together, and their strong work ethic. We had a very successful weekend at the big east, and I look forward to working with the students again on going to other events,” said Mr. Schubert.