SUNY Cobleskill Livestock at Vale Cemetery

SUNY Cobleskill sheep and goats appeared in local news this week for their annual work at the Schenectady Vale Cemetery. By releasing the livestock to munch on parts of the cemetery lawn, groundskeepers can eliminate some of the mowing they would need to do during the summer months.

Follow the links below to read news articles, watch videos and see pictures of this fun field day for our sheep and goats.

Times Union

“Sheep, goats handle ‘mowing’ duties at Schenectady’s Vale cemetery” – Article and Pictures

ABC 10 News Channel

“Goats and sheep helping maintain Schenectady cemetery grounds” – Video and News Blurb

WTEN Facebook Post


Paul Nelson, Municipal Reporter live tweets with pictures



Featured image of a very happy goat by Lori Van Buren, courtesy of Times Union. Interested in purchasing this picture?