The First of Its Kind: Raw Milk Workshop at SUNY Cobleskill

SUNY Cobleskill is pleased to announce the Raw Milk Workshop to be held November 13 & 14, 2015. This is the first time in New York State that an educational producer workshop has been offered for raw milk production. Day one of the workshop boasts experienced and knowledgeable speakers in topics that include NYS raw milk regulations, quality milk production, raw milk production experience, on-farm milk testing, liability risks, insurance for producers, zoonotic diseases and so much more. Day two offers attendees the opportunity to visit two raw milk dairies in eastern New York, recognized for their quality production. Attendees of this workshop will be better prepared for producing safe, quality raw milk for the consumer.

Join our speakers (listed below) as they go over a wide variety of topics ranging from New York raw milk rules and regulations, liability insurance and risk, quality milk production, and innovative technologies for raw milk products.

For more information, download the workshop brochure or contact the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at 518-255-5528.

Dr. Mike Zurakowski // DVM Cornell Quality Milk Production Services
Michael has been a Senior Extension Veterinarian for Quality Milk Production Services, (QMPS) since 2005. He is director of the QMPS-Eastern Regional Laboratory in Cobleskill, New York. Mike’s professional interests include mastitis microbiology, food-borne pathogens, and farm biosecurity.

James Bettini // Farm Family Insurance
James has been employed by Farm Family Insurance for 36 years. During that time, he has had many responsibilities including agent and manager training, underwriting, reinsurance, and risk management. He has taught various insurance courses over the years, and has earned both CPCU and CLU designations.

Jason Foscolo // Foscolo & Handel PLLC
Jason has been a practicing attorney in the State of New York since 2002. He is now a partner at Foscolo & Handel PLLC, where he provides legal counsel to a rapidly growing client list of farmers and food entrepreneurs. Jason served five years as a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Edwin Shank // The Family Cow Dairy
The Family Cow is a certified organic, grass based, PDA permitted, raw milk dairy, situated on 122 acres in Pennsylvania with 150 Jerseys owned by Edwin and Dawn Shank and their six children. The dairy utilizes a web-based monitoring system to assure that all critical points of the food safety RAMP are under control and a farm raw milk laboratory.

Melissa Horsman // NYCAMH/NEC
Melissa is PPE Program Coordinator for the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health / Northeast Center for Occupational Safety and Health- Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing (NYCAMH/NEC). Melissa attended Texas A&M University where she studied Zoology.

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