Stand with SUNY

from SUNY Cobleskill President Dr. Marion A. Terenzio

Dear Alumni,

As a SUNY graduate, you are one of the 45 percent of adult New Yorkers who hold a college degree. Nationally, that number is 39 percent, so New York is doing well by comparison—but it’s still not good enough. By 2020, 70 percent of jobs in New York will require college-level education or training. There’s a big gap there—and we need to work together to close it.

The challenge ahead is clear. SUNY has committed to increasing the number of degrees we award each year from 93,000 to 150,000. To help us realize this necessary goal, this year the State invested in SUNY in a way it has never done before, seeding the University’s groundbreaking Investment and Performance Fund with $18 million that SUNY then leveraged into $100 million by pooling other existing resources. SUNY Cobleskill has received $180,000 to fund two of its initiatives, and will be partnering with SUNY Oneonta in a third initiative for $350,000.

Extending NYSUNY 2020, the legislation that empowered SUNY to set a fair and predictable tuition policy, is essential. Our tuition remains the lowest in the Northeast and in the lowest quartile in the country. Students and their families have been able to plan for the cost of their education, and we’ve been able to hold the State to its promise to maintain its base support.

And of course, we need to grow our base aid. There is no more critical funding than the dollars that allow us to keep the lights on, doors open, and students learning. Base aid from the State makes up the foundation upon which we can grow all of our other successes.

You can help SUNY reach these goals. Please sign on to the letter to the State Legislature telling them that you Stand With SUNY. With your signature, you’re showing New York State that you believe in making evidence-based best practices available to every SUNY student, today and tomorrow, for the betterment of our state.

We want everyone to know how far and wide our alumni reach goes and how impactful SUNY is for the people of New York. Show your pride by using our Stand with SUNY social media badges, and share your posts with your friends.

With Gratitude,


Marion A. Terenzio, PhD

You can find more details on the #StandwithSUNY campaign at the official support page here.