SUNY Cobleskill Launches Trailblazing Food Systems & Technology Bachelor Degree Program

SUNY Cobleskill announces the launch of its innovative and unique Bachelor Degree Program in Food Systems & Technology. The degree program has been designed to respond to the growing demand for professionals who understand the processes, businesses and policies that get food from farm to plate all over the world.

Food systems directly impact diet, health, economic development, business viability, air and water quality and the capacity of resources to feed and fuel a growing global population. Students in SUNY Cobleskill’s newest baccalaureate program will learn about food systems as they exist around the world and the technologies that are critical to efficiently and effectively produce, process, and distribute food.

Dr. Jason Evans, Associate Professor of Agricultural Business Management states: “SUNY Cobleskill’s newest baccalaureate degree program in Food Systems & Technology is unique in the country with its multifaceted focus on the technologies that will ultimately feed the world. True to the College’s “Real Life, Real Learning” mantra and its commitment to experiential education, students will work with farm and food businesses and within SUNY Cobleskill’s culinary, processing and agricultural facilities to learn how to produce, manage and innovate within the global food system.”

Students will also be prepared to work in any number of private and public organizations dedicated to research, advocacy or education for food professionals. The program is designed to encourage the development of problem solving and critical thinking capacities necessary for graduates’ success in a quickly changing, complex food system.

SUNY Cobleskill president Dr. Marion Terenzio says: “SUNY Cobleskill is, once again, leading the way in our role as a premier steward of sustainability, through launching the only Food Systems & Technology program in the SUNY System. Our program will be among the leaders in setting the course to ensure that the ever-changing global food system is part of a global sustainability solution rather than the problem.”

The program is comprised of three academic cores:  Food Systems Management, Food Science & Production, and Sustainability. Through them, students will gain hands-on learning experience in the College’s state-of-the-art facilities, including the outstanding new $45 million Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources, unique in the nation, which brings together Plant Science, Animal Science, and Fisheries & Wildlife all under one roof. The 902-acre campus includes a contiguous farm, livestock and dairy facilities, greenhouses, alternative energy labs, and culinary arts teaching kitchens.

The College, entering its Centennial year, is renowned for its expertise in applied learning, preparing students to enter their careers with experiential education and real-life internships.


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