7th Generation Centennial Lecture Series is Back in Session

The Mohawk Indians believed that all decisions should be made by thinking of the preservation of the earth for the 7th generation. The 7th Generation Centennial lecture series provides us with an opportunity to learn about environmental problems and to focus on solutions that are long-term rather than “quick fixes.”

The fall lectures were a success, and we are pleased to welcome you to the spring 2016 series. Join us for three different presentations and one documentary showing throughout the semester. All lectures are held on Thursdays in Bouck Hall Theater and are free and open to the public; starting times differ so make sure to check for correct time!

February 4 | 8pm
CEST Update: What’s New in the Energy World?
Presented by SUNY Cobleskill Professors Dave Waage and Dr. Paul Amodeo

Faculty from CEST (The Center for Environmental Science and Technology) will provide the campus and community with an update on the research and developments for the waste gasification project.

March 3 | 7pm
Native Pollinator Conservation”
Presented by Dr. Carmen Greenwood, Assistant Professor at SUNY Cobleskill

A lesser known component of the global pollination crisis: Native bees, flies, beetles and butterflies that pollinate our crops and forests are imperiled and in decline. Come and learn who these pollinators are and how we can help them. 

March 10 | 7pm
“PlantPure Nation”

“PlantPure Nation” is a documentary that addresses our food supply and its impact on the health of the planet and ourselves. The documentary will be followed by a discussion of the issues presented in the film.

March 31 | 8pm
Feeding the World: Challenges and Solutions
Presented by Dr. Robert L. Thompson, Visiting Scholar at Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

Dr. Thompson will share his lifetime’s insights on food systems and the problems addressing a growing world population.

Featured image pictures presenter Dr. Paul Amodeo and equipment from the waste gasification project.

More News

The Leubner sisters (including a #CobyAlum) are using social media to connect with and educate a younger generation of could-be farmers.

Through a grant received by @crcsdistrict, middle school students took part in a week-long “Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment” course, learning the basics of operating and repairing heavy farm equipment under the instruction of our Ag Engineering dept.
https://t.co/v4sb6WEPk8 https://t.co/w1O2mrNlfa
SUNYCobleskill photo
The agreement will give students in our Histotechnician Associate’s program the opportunity to complete their clinical training at one of the world's leading cancer research centers - @MSKCancerCenter. #CobyTechnology

Full article: https://t.co/Amb27Rt6Pe https://t.co/rdBTg8FCFD
SUNYCobleskill photo
Nothing breaks the ice like beautiful sunshine for our first #orientation of the summer. #SUNY https://t.co/pu5dR7zbt1 SUNYCobleskill photo
Congratulations to our competitors, Michael Fasanella and Nicholas Kimball, for an excellent showing at this year's National Collegiate Landscape Competition! #CobyAgriculture

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