Meet the Mascots of the Mohawk Region

from SUNY’s Big Ideas Blog – “Mascot Madness is the contest to see who New York’s favorite college mascot is. But who exactly are these characters? What makes them tick? Here’s your chance to find out, as we help you meet the Mascots competing in Mascot Madness 2016!

Here we have the third of four regions, the Mohawk region. See what makes these professionals tick and how their personalities help them to keep the spirit going strong at their respective campuses. After reading about each, make sure to vote for your favorite in this year’s tournament.”

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cobleskill-cobyCoby Tiger – Cobleskill

1) Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Coby T. Tiger and I am the mascot for SUNY Cobleskill.

2) Where did you work before you were hired as a mascot?
I am afraid that I am not at liberty to discuss that at this time due to certain restrictions that were related to my position during that time. Let us just say that I was involved in government service in points unknown and leave it at that for now.

3) What is your most embarrassing mascot moment?
Well if you must know I got a little hungry during a time-out one afternoon during a men’s basketball game late in a season and took a bite out of one of our rival institution’s horse inspired mascots. I am extremely sorry for my actions but I must admit that it does make for a pretty funny video in retrospect.

4) Which mascot would be your SUNY sidekick?
I am sorry but I do not play supporting roles and I definitely work alone. Tigers are solitary by nature and don’t mix very well with others so when it comes to the important things in life we tend to work as solo acts. In the mascot business it is much the same concept. When one works with a sidekick it tends to detract from one’s overall performance so I do not see the need for a sidekick per se. (Of course, if I am hungry during a game I may consider the concept.)

5) What is your favorite part of New York State?
I absolutely love New York State because of diverse social and recreational opportunities one has here. I mean one can go hunting in the Adirondacks or the Catskills, spend some time locally spelunking at Howes Caverns, check out the ponies in Saratoga Springs during the racing season, hit the clubs in Manhattan for some music or dancing, do a little wine tasting in the Finger Lakes or perhaps partake in some wagering at one of the state’s premier casino/resort hotels. I am also an animal when it comes to professional sports so when the opportunity presents itself to sneak out to Buffalo for a Bills or Sabres game or to hit New York City to see a Yankees or Mets game or to attend an Islanders, Nets or Knicks game I am definitely interested. In short New York is a great place to call home for someone of my interests. But no matter where I roam in the state, I love Cobleskill the best.

6) Have you ever studied abroad?
Yes I have as a matter of fact on several occasions I have had the opportunity to study outside of the continental United States. I took an advanced stalking class in Thailand a number of years ago and last summer I was in Paris for a course in the preparation and consumption of exotic cuisine.

7) What TV show could you watch all day?
There are two shows that I am absolutely addicted to these days. Tiger Team which airs on TruTV is extremely entertaining and of course I am a huge fan of Daniel Tigers Neighborhood on PBS.

8) What is your favorite fast food spot?
While I have been trying to eat healthier and cut down on fast food these days; Coby’s in downtown Cobleskill, New York is my all-time favorite fast food place during the day. (In the evening the menu changes over to more fine dining with an excellent selection of wines.)

9) What song/music do you listen to in order to get hyped for an event?
There are three songs that I listen to in order to get myself ready for a home contest. First and foremost “Eye of the Tiger” by rock super group Survivor, then “Roar” by Ms. Katy Perry whom I think is just delicious and of course “Tiger Man” by the King, Elvis Pressley.

10) What is the best class you ever took?
I took our Introduction to Asian Philosophy here at Cobleskill and it had a strong impact on how I look at the world. I have included the description below from our catalog.

PHIL 102 | Intro to Asian Philosophy (C)
This course will introduce students to fundamental philosophical questions concerning human existence; for example, the nature of knowledge, self and reality. In particular, students will study one of the most important focal points of Asian thought: the search for harmony in life at both the individual and social levels.