New Program Unifies, Standardizes Alpaca Fiber Grading

From Alpaca Culture, March 2016 — In an exciting development for US textiles, Certified Sorted Systems and Wini Labrecque announced in December that they have joined forces to create a collaborative new entity, “Sorting, Grading, Classing.” This team program brings together and merges previous training programs in sorting and grading from CSS and Fibre World (a course previously offered through Ruth Elvestadt and Olds College recently taken over by Wini Labrecque.)

The initiative will create the first American standardized grading and classing program for alpaca fiber from a unified perspective. This will lead to a more consistent and standardized approach to talking about alpaca fiber, which will in turn make expectations clearer and promote more efficient end uses and value-added possibilities.

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Accredited by the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill, administered through SUNY Professional and Continuing Education (PACE), the program will allow students to explore fiber and textiles in more depth and allow them to gain knowledge of the opportunities for processing in the industry.


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