SUNY Cobleskill study sheds light on effects of Amsterdam sewer leak

From Riverkeeper, 08/04/16 — A broken pipe in the City of Amsterdam spilled 500,000 gallons of raw sewage into the North Chuctanunda Creek, according to published reports. The press reports about the spill prompted concern from river users as far away as Newburgh, some 140 miles away.

That did life in the creek no favors, and may have put both aquatic life and people downstream on the Mohawk River at risk, as well.

But if you had to choose between a raging sewer line break and a torrential summer downpour, you’d be better off with the discrete sewer leak. Because when it rains, sewage pours out of countless cracked pipes, and dozens of overwhelmed pump stations and sewer plants; and manure cascades from farms lacking effective management.

Data gathered by SUNY Cobleskill, Riverkeeper’s partner in monitoring water quality on the Mohawk River, showed elevated bacterial counts in the days after the Amsterdam sewer spill at some locations. Data showed far greater impact from a summer thunderstorm.

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