SUNY Cobleskill Paramedic Coordinator’s Research Lauded at NAEMSE Symposium

A presentation developed by SUNY Cobleskill Paramedic Program Clinical Coordinator Daniel Murdock and collaborators earlier this year was named Best Oral Presentation by the UCLA Prehospital Care Research Forum at the recent National Association of EMS Educators Symposium in Texas.

Murdock developed the presentation with a team at the Fisdap Research Summit in February, an annual meeting of Fisdap research professionals and EMS educators from across the country. The summit immerses EMS educators in research that explores the delivery of EMS education.

“Fisdap is the program we use to schedule and track our students as they progress through their clinical aspect of EMT, AEMT, and paramedic education,” Murdock said. “Through this tracking they are able to collect large amounts of data that we used at this conference to perform research on various topics.”

Over the course of just a few days, Murdock and his group researched whether certain personality traits in paramedic students (specifically agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism) would affect the frequency of use of chemical or physical restraints on patients.


According to Murdock, their research showed that highly conscientious students were more likely to use chemical or physical restraints than those with lower conscientiousness scores.

The poster and the presentation they developed were presented at the National Association of EMS Educators Symposium in Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this month, where they received an award from the UCLA Prehospital Care Research Forum for Best Oral Presentation.

(Header photo courtesy of NAEMSE)