China-US Exchange Program Focuses on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The 2016 China-US Rising Star Study Tour highlighted “Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship” as it brought 40 students and faculty from the US to China and 20 Chinese students and faculty to study in the US for two weeks in August.

One SUNY Cobleskill student, Lisa Shurman, traveled to China with the program, while SUNY Cobleskill welcomed nine students and two faculty members from our Path Pro partner institutions in China. The group spent its time at SUNY Cobleskill learning about the U.S. college experience on campus, in the classroom and on field trips.

Program participants across the country and in China took part in a workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Development, cultural experiences, intensive skills training, and industry visits.


Students and faculty from Path Pro partner institutions in China visit SUNY Cobleskill

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SUNY Cobleskill student Lisa Shurman visits partner institutions in China (photos by Lisa Shurman)

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(Header photo: Lisa Shurman)