SUNY Cobleskill Grad Mark Benoit Featured in The Atlantic

In “Back From Afghanistan, and Straight to the Greenhouse,” The Atlantic profiles SUNY Cobleskill alumnus Mark Benoit ’14.

From the article:

I was in full battle rattle: You have all your kit on—your pack, your rifle, everything, and so I was just sweating like there was no tomorrow. I pulled down my binoculars while we were digging, and I saw this guy with a pitchfork digging. I thought, “This is not good,” because normally when you see guys digging over there, they’re putting roadside bombs down.

I was watching him, and he was just digging an irrigation ditch. He walked over and moved this clump of clay and water ran down all his fields and I thought, “Wow.” I’m up here digging with a pickaxe, and this guy is down there [with] a nice cool breeze, watering his crops, just having a great day. I thought that was something I could get into. And so I did.

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