Roy Bilby has caught and released 26,482 bass – and counting

from on 10/12/16 – Roy Bilby is a dedicated student of bass fishing and he takes good notes – real good notes.

On Monday, Bilby, 57, of Richmondville, N.Y. caught and released his 26,482nd bass — it was a smallmouth — while fishing with a buddy on Schoharie Creek.

Afterward he noted in his fishing log the size and number of fish he caught, the amount of time he fished, the weather conditions, the barometric pressure before and after he went out, the phase of the moon, the air temperature, the surface temperature of the water, the water clarity – and a half page of notes noting the highlights of the trip.

Roy Bilby has taken meticulous notes of every one of this fishing outings for the past 30 years.

He added that he carries a tape recorder and speaks into it so he can remember everything that happened.

“In 1986, I started keeping a running tally of all the bass caught and released. It started as a quest to improve and I have done it religiously since that time,” he said. “I’ve made some 3,000 entries in my log books. Last year on Aug. 6 I hit the 25,000 mark.”

The Schoharie County resident is the supervising carpenter and locksmith for SUNY Cobleskill. Married and father of two adult children. He said he owns five fishing boats of various sizes and has more than 160 fishing rods.

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