SUNY Cobleskill Named One of State’s Best Culinary Schools

SUNY Cobleskill was named one of New York State’s 10 best culinary schools in a new ranking by Best Choice Schools. The recognition praised the College’s hands-on approach, on-site farm and greenhouses, and extensive culinary travel opportunities.

“We’re honored to be recognized among the best destinations in New York for a culinary education,” said Timothy Moore, Dean of the School of Agriculture & Natural Resources. “This distinction affirms the incredible talent of our Culinary Arts faculty and students, and it underscores SUNY Cobleskill’s commitment to an innovative, rigorous culinary education that includes all segments of the food system, from the campus farm to the student-managed restaurant.”

SUNY Cobleskill’s Culinary Arts program combines extensive hands-on training with an interdisciplinary approach to prepare skilled and innovative thinkers to lead in all sectors of the food industry. Students experience the complete farm-to-table process right on campus with the College’s contiguous farm, USDA meat processing lab, cold-water fish hatchery, hydroponic vegetable lab, and student-run bistro.

img_2910webThe Culinary Arts program played a central role in the College’s recent 5th Annual Culinary Extravaganza, which brought some of the region’s top culinary talents together for an evening of food, drink and music. The program was also recently highlighted in Edible Capital District magazine.

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Cobleskill Honored as Culinary School

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SUNY Cobleskill Named One of State’s Best Culinary Schools

SUNY Cobleskill’s commitment to fostering inventive thinking to continue feeding a growing population will be strengthened in the coming two years with the launch of a pioneering Food Systems & Technology degree program and two Fermentation Science degree programs. Both will keep SUNY Cobleskill students on the cutting edge of food and beverage production, processing, and distribution.

The Best Choice Schools ranking evaluated the College’s reputation in the industry, program offerings, American Culinary Federation accreditation status, and opportunities for hands-on learning and internship experiences. SUNY Cobleskill was lauded for its field trips —including to international culinary destinations like France, Spain, and Italy — farm-to-table experiences, extensive cutting-edge facilities, and small class sizes.

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