Fiber Mill Co-op Opening Next to SUNY Cobleskill

The Leader-Herald — Samantha Graves arrived in Richmondville with a dream of opening a fiber mill in the next three years. Little did she realize, as soon as farmers heard news of a local mill, they would be dropping fiber off to her front door.

“It was a huge, but pleasant surprise,” said Graves, who has been pursuing the dream of opening a mill for the past few years. “We were farmers back in Michigan who first brought sheep onto the farm for grass management in the orchard.”

When it came time to shear the sheep, Graves decided to try the task herself.

“I’ve always enjoyed learning old crafts and skills. I visited other farms to learned some of the basics and then my husband and I along with a few volunteers began the task of shearing our two Shetlands.”

That simple act altered the course for Graves.

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