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Campus Communication re: Strategic Planning process

In a series of well-attended informal coffee sessions that I hosted, along with the Strategic Planning leadership team, the campus community has provided insight and constructive critiques of the draft Vision, Mission and Values statements. The meetings included discussions of SUNY Cobleskill’s identity as a college of agriculture and technology, our leadership role in redefining the higher education experience through more diverse pathways, and our learning style as our strength.

Four working groups have been formed within the Strategic Plan Task Force, each with a team leader. The groups, leaders and updates on their process are listed below:

Pathways: Caleb Grant, Director of Admissions
The “Pathways Group” continues to explore Cobleskill’s roll in the academic journey of a diverse group of learners.  We aim to identify barriers and opportunities.

Who We Are: Joe Batchelder, Director of Facilities Management
“Who We Are” continues to meet with students to discuss the topic of campus identity, particularly concerning how our campus is perceived from the outside.  Our group also is continuing discussions with Admissions and Communications and Marketing about branding and messaging needs.

Operational Efficiency: Scott Ferguson, Associate Professor
“Operational Efficiency” continues to explore strategies that enable SUNY Cobleskill to reach its optimal enrollment, match enrollment with learner’s needs and demands, make wise use of our available funds, and prioritize resources with the strategic plan.

One Cobleskill: Mark Cornwell, Associate Professor
The “One Coby” sub-committee has been meeting regularly to address issues that deal with campus unity.  A focus group of students with broad campus representation is providing feedback to the group.

Now is the time for you to become involved. This is your plan and we welcome your thoughts and comments here.

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