SUNY Cobleskill Wins Beef Council Competition for Second Year

For the second consecutive year, a team of SUNY Cobleskill Culinary students took first place at the New York Beef Council Culinary Beef Tour & Competition in Canandaigua on Thursday, April 20.

The fourth annual competition featured farm tours for students on Wednesday, April 19, followed by lectures and a cook-off on Thursday. Students were challenged to create an appetizer and entrée featuring boneless beef rib-eye cuts for an upscale casual restaurant.

The dishes were judged on creativity, presentation, flavor, versatility, marketability, value and team work.

The Culinary Beef Competition blends culinary arts and agriculture in a way that uniquely suits SUNY Cobleskill students, who study and experience every aspect of the farm-to-table process right on campus.

“Our Culinary Arts students are increasingly exposed to the entire food system, from production to consumption,” said Timothy Moore, Dean of the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “As a result, they understand challenges at the farm level while meeting changing consumer expectations. No other Culinary Arts program can offer these unique experiences to their students.”

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The championship prize of $2,000 in scholarship money will be split evenly among the team members. The next competition will be held in spring 2018 and SUNY Cobleskill is already eyeing a third title.


The Winning Dishes



Beef Tataki Roll with a salad of Mustard Greens dressed with Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette



Sauteed Rib Eye Fillet, Fricassee of Spring Vegetables and Fork Crushed Fingerling Potatoes

The Team

beefcomp4 beefcomp1

Kimona Mighty, junior

Linda Blesser, sophomore

Christopher Santos, sophomore

Michael Girolamo, sophomore

Assistant Professor David Yanisko, coach