A flooded neighborhood in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hope for Houston: Passing the Bucket, and Not the Buck

Over the last week, Student Affairs has been working with the Student Government Association to help put together a campus response to the Hurricane Harvey crisis in Texas. It has been six years since the Schoharie Valley endured Hurricane Irene. We received aid from around the country to help us rebuild and recover from that devastating storm. We would like to pay that generosity back by announcing “Hope for Houston, Passing the Bucket and not the Buck.”

While SUNY, local and state officials are working to address the crisis, this will be the official effort from our community here at SUNY Cobleskill. We will be collecting donations of money in small buckets placed around campus. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Whether it’s cash, change or a check we want to send donations to Feeding Texas Foodbanks and the Houston Humane Society. Both of these organizations are working hard to make sure both people and animals are being taken care of in the wake of recovery efforts.

Please drop off your monetary donation at one of these locations across campus. Donations will be accepted until September 21st.

  • Debra Richards Knapp Hall 205
  • Susan Brodie Wheeler Hall 216
  • Amy Lauderbach CANR 005
  • Lisa Starr-DeCarlo Warner Hall 218
  • Van Wagenen Library circulation desk
  • Deb Miller in the Student Life Center, Bouck Hall
  • All students can drop off a donation in Bouck Hall or at their RA’s Office

Any questions can be directed to Matt Barney, Coordinator of Campus Engagement & Orientation, at barneyms@cobleskill.edu or 518-255-5128

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