Student Leaders Feted at Awards Dinner

SUNY Cobleskill honored 24 student leaders at the Fifth Annual Excellence in Student Leadership Awards dinner, held on April 5, 2018. Capturing the spirit of the campus, three of the honorees shared two photos of themselves going from “field to fabulous.” One was taken as they headed to their Wildlife class, and one was taken an hour later at the banquet.

Anne Hopkins Gross, Vice President of Student Development, presented Jaimee Lord with the Student Leader of the Year award, which acknowledges the highest level of student leadership, and is given to a student who has made extraordinary contributions to the College. This includes mentoring future leaders, leading a wide range of campus activities, and showcasing exceptional service to others.

Betsy Greenyer and Ashling McMahon won the Emerging Student Leadership Award, which is presented to first-year students who are actively engaged in campus organizations and who set themselves apart by demonstrating the qualities of a great leader. Kaitlyn Clute and James Peterson were awarded the Distinguished Excellence in Leadership Award, which recognizes students who significantly benefit the campus community with their exemplary service and guidance throughout their undergraduate careers.

The Excellence in Student Leadership Award celebrates students who enrich the student life experience at SUNY Cobleskill through continued involvement in campus life, including college activities, clubs, organizations, community service, athletics and program development. This year’s recipients were: Mamoudou Camara, Ryan Sinclair, Angelica Armlin-Sorgen, Joshua Bautista, Autumn Butler, Michael Cammer, Caitlin Cramer, Kaitlyn Daigle, Allison Finch, Roy Garrett, Mary Greagan, Mercedes Hernandez Parreno, Brook Anne LaLonde, Kyle Magdziuk, Barry McKay, Leah Miller, Judith Motolinia, Melissa Snare, and Brianna Wysocki Ramos. The Agent of Change Award was won by both Mamoudou Camara and Ryan Sinclair. This is a relatively new award, focusing on work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. The event was hosted by the College’s Division of Student Development.

Individual plaques of the award winners are posted in Bouck Hall.