Kicking Off the Year, Cobleskill Style

The start of a new year is a truly exciting time to be at SUNY Cobleskill. Whether September kicks off year one of undergraduate study, a new decade as a member of our community, or something in between, this is the place to be and the time to be here. So welcome – and welcome back.

For those new to our campus, joining us this fall shows more than a commitment to our core values and beliefs; it shows your eagerness to grow as a learner and challenge yourself to effect change. You have also made the choice to surround yourself with some of the best people, resources, and outdoor views in the state of NY. You will grow quickly accustomed to the smell of farm in the morning. You will find beauty in our winters, which run anywhere from four to nine months.

For many of you this is a welcome back. I am beginning my fourth year as the captain of our ship and could not be more excited about the direction of our College. We have made – and continue to make – strides to fine tune our approach to education and become agents of positive disruption. We desperately need them, and I am most proud of our ability to push limits and impact our world.

There are many additions to the College this semester, including new faculty and staff, upgrades to infrastructure, and planned events. A great number of events have already taken place, including student club open house, the State Fair, and Part Time Job Fair. Each offers a look into what makes Coby so special. The first day of classes reaffirmed (as it always does) my privilege in working for and alongside our students.

New employee orientation was another sight to behold. The day is a chance to mingle among departments and meet those from all reaches of our community. Our new Staff Writer, Jake, tells me he met more than 30 new faculty and staff. Amidst introductions, he also tells me he met one of our new campus police officers for a second time. The two first met over the summer, when Jake says he “allegedly” sped the wrong way down a one-way road.

Moving forward I am excited to interact with each of you through my monthly blog. I will be discussing issues affecting our College, writing about pertinent developments, and trying to give insight into what happens in a president’s world. If ever you have an idea for a blog post, please share it. If ever you have thoughts or comments about something I’ve written, please let me know.

SUNY Cobleskill is an exceptional place. Again, welcome and welcome back.