High Schools Taking Note of SUNY Cobleskill’s Burgeoning CIHS Program

SUNY Cobleskill’s College in High School Program (CIHS) is growing, creating opportunities for more rising college students than ever before. As a dual enrollment enrichment partnership between the College and secondary schools throughout NY, CIHS now fosters partnerships with more than 25 schools — from Upstate to New York City.

Among the many benefits of CIHS partnership for schools is the accessibility and flexibility of course offerings. The quality and customization of CIHS courses support the specific needs of partnering schools and their students. SUNY Cobleskill delivers its curricula to high school educators, who then teach students in alignment with their school calendars.

By working closely with CIHS course instructors, SUNY Cobleskill also creates an avenue for growth for educators. Through guidance and collaboration from members of SUNY Cobleskill faculty, CIHS helps high school educators master new subject areas while preparing them to provide instruction.

Recently, 30 teachers and counselors from the Hudson City School District visited SUNY Cobleskill. The hands-on, collaborative nature of CIHS partnership was on full display. Visiting educators attended a meeting with Dr. Marion Terenzio, College President, Dr. Sue Zimmerman, Provost, and Debbie Richards, CIHS Program Director. College Deans Dr. Tim Moore (School of Agriculture and Natural Resources) and Dr. Jeffrey Anderson (School of Business/Liberal Arts and Sciences) provided campus tours to highlight individual programs and classes. The Hudson City School district has announced plans to explore CIHS partnership, and the day offered a chance to explore SUNY Cobleskill. Many first-time campus visitors were surprised to see the range of materials available to SUNY Cobleskill students. Those returning to campus noted the College’s growth over the last 25, 10, and even five years.

The growth of the CIHS Program corresponds to the growth of the SUNY Cobleskill. According to Zimmerman, this equates to increased opportunities for young learners not only on the College campus, but in the high school.

“Through the College in High School Program, we engage with talented, forward-thinkers with diverse interests and abilities,” says Zimmerman. “There is endless potential for students to apply themselves to quality academic programming from SUNY Cobleskill.”

The growth of the CIHS Program also ensures course offerings to meet the interest of every student. This year SUNY Cobleskill is offering more than 30 unique CIHS courses, and the College is always considering adding subjects.