Five current SUNY Cobleskill students have been selected to participate in 2019’s Ambassador Scholars program, sponsored by the NYS Ag Society Foundation. Of the 15 young adults comprising this year’s class, Kimberly Doyle, Faith Clancy, Melissa Keller, Cheyanne Matulewich, and Emily Hiller all represent SUNY Cobleskill. Bayer, Inc. is sponsoring the 2019 class.

As “the lifeblood of our industry moving forward,” says Kent Taylor, of Bayer’s Crop Science Division, Ambassadors in January attended the 2019 NYS Ag Society Annual Meeting & Forum, a business meal etiquette and networking presentation, Cornell Agritech and LEADNY panel discussions, and more.In addition to earning access to keynote industry events, the Ambassadors also maintain responsibilities throughout the year. At last summer’s NYS Fair, current and past Ambassadors enrolled in the “AgVocacy” program, educating fairgoers and the public on the direction and practices of agriculture.

Emily Hiller is one of the “AgVocates” who participated at the 2018 NYS Fair. Read about her experience here.

Congratulations to the five SUNY Cobleskill students selected for participation in this program.

From SUNY Cobleskill: Kim Doyle (back, second from left), Faith Clancy (middle, fourth from left), Melissa Keller (back, third from left), Cheyanne Matulewich (front, left), and Emily Hiller (front, right). NYS Ag Society: Photo