Faculty Biennial Art Show Debuts in New Digs

Standing outside Grosvenor Gallery, itself decked out for the evening to showcase the bold works of art created by faculty members from SUNY Cobleskill’s Graphic Design Technology and Arts Programs, instructor Greg Miller made a statement bolder than any of the artwork on display: “This is the best art I have ever made.”

Miller, one of seven displaying artists, was referring to “OldGym.html,” a piece he has created that transforms the campus’s Old Gym building into a web-coded structure built not from bricks, but JavaScript. “I want to represent my contribution to the faculty,” says Miller, who teaches digital coding techniques much like the ones upon which he relied to build his piece. “I put myself to the same standards I ask my students to adhere to, which makes this venue the place where [the piece] should be.”

The venue, Grosvenor Gallery, is hosting its first Faculty Biennial Show. Assistant Professor Kayla Vaughn curated the show for the third time. Vaughn says the location is as much a part of the exhibit as the works of art adorning it.

“This our first show in the new space, which means it is the first show in a real gallery,” says Vaughn. “As a faculty we benefit throughout the [artistic] process from seeing each other work, and it is incredible to have our students see the art in real time, in this space.”

President Terenzio toured the gallery with faculty, staff, and a steady stream of students from across programs. She echoed Vaughn’s sentiment about the reimagined space.

“For me this is about the marriage of the historical and the modern,” says President Terenzio. “In one of the oldest structures on our campus, it is only fitting we not only debut this show in this new space, but also use it to host these cutting edge works that show the innovation of our faculty.”

“This is the best art I have ever made.” – Greg Miller

A crowd of up to 35 individuals at times took in acrylic paintings, glazed stonework, watercolors, sculpture, glasswork, and more. Assistant Professor Adam Daily debuted the exhibit’s largest piece, a painting comprised exclusively of digitally-created shapes.

“I build what I make through making,” says Daily, explaining that he effectively visualizes his finished product only once he has completed it. “In this I am trying to compress and expand visual space.” The painting, which already occupies a massive section of the gallery’s back wall, “would be a bigger painting if I had a bigger studio,” says Daily.

The exhibition is scheduled to be on display through April 19, in Grosvenor Gallery – Old Gym 200. For information, visit https://www.cobleskill.edu/events/faculty-biennial-art-show.aspx.


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